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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there rules for students who are walking or riding bikes?

Students who are walking or riding bicycles, scooters, or skateboards must use the crosswalks.  Students must walk their bicycle, scooter, or skateboard when they are on a North Scott Campus. Students should not cross the driveways of the school parking lot on bikes. They should follow the sidewalks along our campus and walk bikes in front of the west side of the building.

What if my child will be absent from school?

If your child will be absent for any reason, please call the school nurse at (563-285-4544). If there is no answer, please leave a message. If the absence is due to an illness, please state any symptoms your child has.  

What if my child arrives late to school?

If you arrive to school after 8:10 a.m., please check in at the office and sign up for hot lunch if needed. 

What if I need to get my child out of school early?

Please  call (563-285-4544) and/or have your child bring a note to the office. The information will be relayed to your child’s teacher.

What if I need to get a message to my child during the school day?

Please call the office 563-285-4544 and the message will be relayed to your child.

If my child needs to use the phone during the day, is there one available?

With permission, students may use their classroom phone or the office phone. School phones are only to be used when absolutely necessary and are not to be used for making after school play dates.

Is there a lost and found?

Yes. It is located in the astronaut lobby. Please label all your child’s belongings.

Are there rules for bringing electronic devices to school?

Students are discouraged from bringing cell phones and/or smart watches to school. If it becomes necessary to bring a cell phone or smart watch, it must be off and kept in the student's locker at all times. If it is not in a locker or not turned off, the device shall be turned over to the principal.